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Labs in TSEA26

There are ten lab sessions scheduled for this course that are two hours each. (Based on feedback from students, this seems to be preferred over five sessions that are four hours each.)

You are supposed to do the labs in pairs, but given that there is enough space in the computer lab a few students may be able to do the labs on their own. The examination of the labs is based on an oral examination where both members of a lab group is expected to contribut to the discussion. As such it is very important that both members of a lab group participate in all aspects of the lab, including preparation tasks, coding, and debugging.

Important information for labs HT-2020

  • For 2.4.3 you can log in (with ssh) to the computer only-da.ad.liu.se (it may be that you cannot login from the muxen computers). Make sure that you have the latest lab manual and latest version of the lab 2-3 files below.

Lab Manual

Documentation of the Senior DSP

Source Code for Labs

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Last updated: 2021-11-10