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Thesis at ISY

Note! While LiU is in distance mode there are temporary routines for thesis presentations! See link to the online meeting at http://www.isy.liu.se/edu/pres/. Make sure to join in time with video link! Contact the examiner well in advance if there are any issues.


When you have an idea and an outline for a thesis topic or have found an interesting proposal, then contact a suitable examiner within the area or one of the Directors of Studies or the thesis coordinator to discuss the topic(s).

Get inspired by the list of best theses nominated by our department:

You can find more information on master theses at our divisions:


If you have any questions please e-mail the ISY's Thesis administrator at exjobb@isy.liu.se or visit the ISY Student Office.

Student Office

You can find the departments student office in the B-building close to Café Java, D-corridor, entrance 27.

Opening hours:
During terms Monday and Thursday 12:30-13:15.
Questions regarding picking up exams or exam handling -> tentor@isy.liu.se

Thesis presentations, ISY

Questions regarding Master Thesis work -> exjobb@isy.liu.se

Welcome to PhD-day@ISY


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Last updated: 2021-05-10