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Awarded and nominated work


Former Ph.D. student Christopher Mollén wins the 2023 EURASIP Best Ph.D. Award for his dissertation "High-End Performance with Low-End Hardware: Analysis of Massive MIMO Base Station Transceivers".


Former Ph.D. student Christian Andersson Naesseth has received the Savage award (theory and methods) for best doctoral dissertation in Bayesian econometrics and statistics for his thesis "Machine learning using approximate inference: Variational and sequential Monte Carlo methods".


Former Ph.D. student Martin Danelljan has received the best Nordic Thesis Award 2017/2018 in image analysis, SCIA 2019 Prizes for his thesis Learning Convolution Operators for Visual Tracking.


Former Ph.D. student Hien Ngo wins the 2018 EURASIP Best Ph.D. Award for his dissertation "Massive MIMO: Fundamentals and System Designs".


Former Ph.D. student Erik Ringaby has been nominated to best Nordic Thesis Award 2013/2014 in image analysis for his thesis Geometric Models for Rolling-shutter and Push-broom Sensors.

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