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Guests and visitors, ISY

Who is a guest?

People staying in ISY's premises who are not employees, students or have any other formal connection to ISY via agreements/decisions that are documented through, for example, diary records.

Before a visit

For guests staying for more than a week and/or when there are financial commitments for ISY, a guest form must be completed.
  • Fill in the guest form. The form can be used even for guests where there are, for example, diary decisions/agreements.
  • The form must be signed by the host of the guest and the head of division.
  • When the guest needs a LiU-id, personal information needs to be collected. Names and social security numbers for those who have a Swedish social security number and a passport copy for people who do not have a Swedish social security number.
  • Leave the form to the department administrator who informs the persons concerned. Then the form is submitted to the administrative manager responsible for handling the form in accordance with the guidelines.

With financial commitments

If there are financial commitments for ISY in addition to local fees and fees for LiU-id, the form must in some cases be sent to to the diary.
  • When the reimbursement is one-off or invoices with low amounts must be paid, a copy of the form is attached to Raindance and/or Primula.
  • When the reimbursement is of a more continuous nature or constitutes a larger sum, the form must be left to the diary.
    Then the diary number is stated in Raindance and Primula in connection with invoices being paid and/or remuneration being paid.

Last updated: 2020-01-23