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Booking of Conference rooms

Instructions how to book conference rooms at ISY via Outlook.


Computer accounts

Employees at Linköping university have a LiU-id that is used to log in to webportals and computers.
Rules about use of computer resources can be found in LiUs regelsamling (in swedish). There are rules for employees (in swedish) and students use of computer, network and system resources at Linköping University. Any questions about computer accounts can be sent to helpdesk@liu.se.

Computer labs

Computer labs are handled by LiU-IT. Information regarding computer labs can be found at https://www.student.liu.se/studentstod/itsupport/datorer?l=en .



Alternative to Netlogon at LiU. Eduroam is an international collaboration that enables LiU employees to use the network on other universities / colleges participating in the cooperation and vice versa. For more information visit the website for eduroam. Eduroam is operated entirely by the LiU-IT and is only available as wireless networks ISY.


Information regarding E-mail services can be found at LiU-IT webbpages on the intranet.
E-mail can be read at http://lisam.liu.se/mail as well.
More information regarding calendar-use and Thunderbird with LiU O365 can be found at http://people.isy.liu.se/jalar/thunderbird-exchange.html



Persons who are to receive compensation via "Temporary work or assignment" do so via Primula (LiUs payroll system)

Funcional addresses

Information regarding functional addresses can be found at https://www.isy.liu.se/en/vs/funktionsadresser/.


Guests and visitors, ISY

Routines when guests are invited.



When purchasing computers and other hardware purchasing procedures at ISY must be followed.



Information for Linux-users.


Information on the management of course rooms in Lisam can be found at LiUnet. You reach ISY's Lisam administrators by e-mail to lisam@isy.liu.se.


LiU-id is created automagically for employees at LiU. For external Phd students and others who need a LiU-ID and are not employees a LiU-id has to be generated by an account manager. Kristina Arkad and Vera Pichler are the account managers at ISY. All matters related to LiU-id can be sent to support@isy.liu.se.
To use the LiU-ID, the account must be activated. An activation key (one-time password) is generated by the account manager. The activation key is used to associate a password to LiU-id.
In order to obtain a swipe card it is necessary to have a LiU id. It does not need to be enabled though.

Login Servers

ssh.liu.se for employees

Local webpages, ISY

If you need to access local pages at ISY use https://www.isy.liu.se/local/. LiU-id and password are used for login.



Users with expiring TAH license on their laptops or home computer may update themselves. Start Matlab and use 'Help > Licensing > Activate Software' to upgrade the license. The rest should be self explaining.

For those who need matlab instructions on which toolboxes are available + instructions on how to install the software look at https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/intranet-it-fragor/SitePages/Installation-av-Matlab.aspx (only swedish)


Homedisk smb:\\ad.liu.se\home\liuid
Projectdisk smb:\\ad.liu.se\liu\isy\
Web-disk Login to ssh.liu.se. Web catalog can be reach via /www/isy/www



A solution for connecting private computers to the Internet via wireless or wired networks.
If you have the opportunity to use Eduroam it is recommended.

All employees at LiU with a LiU-ID may create a temporary Netlogon accounts for its guests. For instructions, see: https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/intranet-it/SitePages/en/Fasta-och-tradlosa-natverk.aspx#guest-accounts.



Change passwords used by the central-systems e.g printing, e-mail at https://minit.liu.se/.

Have you forgotten or not "checked out" your LiU-id-password contact support@isy.liu.se to get a new activation key.
Eduroam passwords are obtained via https://minit.liu.se/. For more information visit the website for eduroam.

Poster Printing

To get prints in large format such as posters contact LiU Tryck.


More information about the central printing system is available at https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/intranet-it/SitePages/en/Skriva-ut-kopiera-scanna-faxa.aspx.
Information about where you can find printers at ISY.


Remote login

Linux ssh.liu.se

Room reservation ISY, Time Edit

Information regarding room reservation at ISY and changes in Time Edit see http://www.isy.liu.se/vs/lokalbokning. To book rooms please contact lokalbokning@isy.liu.se.



LiU and LiTH have signed an agreement for a number of softwares such as for math and business applications.


Information regarding protection against unwanted e-mail can be found at LiU-its webpages.


Send an email to helpdesk@liu.se if you have a problem. Please write an informative subject line of your e-mail and write a brief description of the problem including name of computer and operating system for computer issues.
If you need help with local issues such as access to rooms at ISY, problems with furnitures and so on, please send an e-mail to support@isy.liu.se.


Telephone policy

See LiUs telephone policy


If you need a phone or SIM card, contact your division administrator.

Time Edit

Information regarding room reservation at ISY and changes in Time Edit see http://www.isy.liu.se/vs/lokalbokning. To book rooms please contact lokalbokning@isy.liu.se.


Virus protection

All computers at LiU shall be equipped with updated anti-virus protection.


VPN, Virtual Private Network, is used to connect to the LAN from a remote location in a safe manner. All employees can take advantage of LiU's central VPN service. Insformation can be found at https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/intranet-it/SitePages/en/VPN.aspx


Web Calendar

If you need a Web-based calendar it's recommended to use the central e-mail service. There you have a calendar function that can be used by LiU employees.

Last updated: 2023-03-01