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Functional addresses

All of us within ISY's Administrative management will appreciate if you use the functional addresses available to get help from us. The use of functional addresses facilitates the distribution of work and ensures backup during illness and vacation.

Current addresses are
  • arkiv@isy.liu.se - questions related to archiving exams
  • exjobb@isy.liu.se - questions related to master thesis
  • ladok@isy.liu.se - questions related to undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • lisam@isy.liu.se - questions related to course rooms in Lisam, http://www.isy.liu.se/en/vs/lisam/
  • lokalbokning@isy.liu.se - questions related to changes in Time Edit, http://www.isy.liu.se/en/vs/lokalbokning/
  • prefekt@isy.liu.se - questions to the head of ISY
  • registrator@isy.liu.se - questions related to registration
  • support@isy.liu.se - questions involving access cards/card readers, premises at ISY, furniture, purchases, broken equipment etc
  • tentor@isy.liu.se - for matters relating to exam handling
Note that matters regarding computers, computer rooms, IT services, printers should be sent to helpdesk@liu.se as it is LiU-IT that handles these questions. See https://insidan.liu.se/it?l=en.

Last updated: 2021-10-12