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Attending Master Thesis presentations

Master´s students must have attended three other Master Thesis presentations before you carry out your opposition and present your own thesis. If you are admitted before Autumn 2015, you must have attended only one presentation.

In order for the administration to be able to register your attendance in Ladok, you need first to be registered on one of the following course codes:

  • TQxx30 - the course code of your own Master's Thesis work, if you have started that work. (where xx is specific for each specialization area).
  • TEXMAS - if you are not registered on TQxx30.

If the attendance have not been registered in Ladok within two weeks after the presentation, please send an e-mail containing your name, ID-number, the name of the presenting student, and the date of the presentation to exjobb@isy.liu.se.

Please, notice that there are other regulations for ERASMUS-students. Contact your examiner for further information.

Student Office

You can find the departments student office in the B-building close to Café Java, D-corridor, entrance 27.

Opening hours:
The Student Office is closed, if you need to pick up an exam, please contact ladok@isy.liu.se.
(During terms Monday and Thursday 12:30-13:15.)
Questions regarding Master Thesis work -> exjobb@isy.liu.se

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