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Lisam - how are the course rooms created?

To create a course room in Lisam contact lisam@isy.liu.se. Ninna and Jeanette help all teachers to create the rooms.
To create the course room we need the following information:
  • Which course - course code
  • Which term
  • Language - swedish or english
  • Completely new course room or copy from old, if so from which course room
  • Authorized teachers / phD students and Director of studies (including LiUid)
Are any of these functions needed in the course room?
  • Assessment overview
  • Test
  • Submissions
  • Registration (SignUp)
We also assist with copying following content from previous course rooms:
  • Assignments
  • Course pages
  • Documents, e.g lectures, lessons, laboratory work
  • Left menu
  • Syllabus
  • Teachers
  • Tests
Other copying is done by the each teacher.

When reading together, indicate which course is the parent course.

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Last updated: 2022-10-26