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LiU's central system for printing and copying

Information from LiU-IT about printing.

One option for windows users is to install ISY´s Toolbox.

Instructions for MacOS.

Instructions for Ubuntu.

Printers ISY - student

EDP-LiU-V-1-108MP C307 PSCorrridor outside Asgård
EDP-LiU-V-2-179MP C5504exCYDpoolen, room 2C:513
EDP-LiU-V-1-108MP C307 PSCorridor outside Egypten
EDP-LiU-V-1-107MP C307 PSISYtan, room 2C:512
EDP-LiU-V-1-108MP C307 PSCorridor outside Olympen
EDP-LiU-V-1-105MP C307 PSVisionen, studentlabb, 2B:555

Printers ISY

Ricoh TypeLocation
EDP-LiU-V-2-177MP C5504exAutomatic Control printer room, corridor 25-27, room 2A:529
EDP-LiU-V-1-103MP C307 PSAutomatic Control printer room, corridor 23-25, room 2A:577
EDP-LiU-V-2-176MP C5504exA-corridor 27-29, upstairs
EDP-LiU-V-2-174MP C5504exComputer Engineering printer room 3B:539
EDP-LiU-V-2-178MP C5504exA-corridor 27-29
EDP-LiU-V-2-173MP C5504exTUS and Secretariat printer room, 229:215
EDP-LiU-V-2-172MP C5504exElectronics Systems lab, roo, 3D:542
EDP-LiU-V-1-104MP C307 PSL-house, room 103
EDP-LiU-V-2-175MP C5504exComputer Vision, room 2D:509
EDP-LiU-V-2-171MP C5504exStudent office
EDP-LiU-V-1-106MP C307 PSVehicular Systems, E-corridor

Last updated: 2021-09-20