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Research at ISY

Research in Information Coding

The research spans topics within image coding, communication networks, cryptography, and systems biology. The common denominator is the efficient and robust representation of information. Past achievements include one of the first proposals for video coding, later developed into the H.26x and MPEG standards. The group has also done early work on model-based coding of face images. Current activities include extended 3D modeling and analysis of images and techniques for robust video distribution over packet-based networks. Within the field of communication security, the research is focused on analysis of protocols for quantum cryptography. Also in this field the division has been active in international standardization committees. Information representation of the biological cell is studied, with the goal to develop mathematical models that describe the interrelation between the genetic code and the development of organisms.

Image Information Coding
Communication within and between cells. The figure shows a snapshot from a three-dimensional simulation of cell division of the early embryonic phase of the C. elegans nematode..

Last updated: 2012-06-19