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Resarch at ISY, Control Systems

Research in Vehicular Systems

The division of Vehicular Systems conducts research in control, diagnosis, and supervision of functions in vehicles. The overall aim is to develop control systems to obtain performance, safety, energy utilization, and environmental stability. Our strategy is to focus on system science aspects, and to collaborate with others when it comes to mechanical construction or industrial evaluation. The functions under consideration include advanced engine control, control coordination of vehicle and power train systems, and autonomous functions in intelligent vehicles and intelligent roadways. Important methodological research is performed in applied optimal control and in general research on model-based fault diagnosis, where we have a general interest in many kinds of applications, e.g. aircrafts, gas turbines, automotive engines, and hybrid vehicles.

Image Vehicular Systems
Control algorithms automatically plan fuel-optimal uphill and downhill driving.

Last updated: 2013-02-11