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Research at ISY

Research in Computer Vision

The research at the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) covers a wide range of methods within three-dimensional computer vision, cognitive vision systems, object recognition, image analysis, and medical imaging. These methods have their application in visionbased reconstruction of three-dimensional scenes (3D maps), learning robots and intelligent systems that interact with humans (e.g. driver assistance systems), content-based image retrieval (image search), image enhancement and automated analysis (e.g. tracking vehicles), and image reconstruction in computer tomography and magnetic resonance. The research focuses on the development of novel approaches to the representation and extraction of visual information, machine learning for information processing and vision based control, and the efficient and accurate processing of huge amounts of image data.

Image Computer Vision

Visually controlled low-cost robot, holding an object that has been automatically detected and analyzed.

Last updated: 2012-06-19