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Uparrow Up arrow This button shows you the last command given to the computer. It can be pressed several times to go further back in the command list. Ctrl-P has the same function. This is a tcsh feature.
Downarrow Down arrow Vice versa
Tab tab Fills out a filename or a directory name for you. This is a tcsh feature.
For example, if the file 'dirtydeeds' is the only file in your current directory starting with a 'd'
Each command started with
ra>cp dtab
will produce the result
ra>cp dirtydeeds
~ Means "directory located in the home directory".
Example: cd ~broba123
means change to the homedirectory for broba123.
/ As a single sign it referres to the root in the filesystem.
ra>ls / -List all files at root level
* Means all files.
For example:
ra>ls lab* -lists all files starting with 'lab'
ra>rm bla* -remove all files starting with 'bla'
. The dot (fullstop) represents the path to the current working directory. Se example with the cp command
alias newname command Lets you rename a long command to a shorter version. For example, renaming 'ls -l' can be done with
ra>alias ll ls -l
Now the command 'll' will produce the same result as 'ls -l'
alias Displays all aliases
unalias name Removes an alias

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