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Conference rooms at ISY

Booking rooms

Book by creating a meeting in your LiU-calendar and invite the room. Wait for an email confirming or denying the booking. Webmail (Outlook online) is a good tool for this even if you don't usually use the calendar. See guides and FAQ below


Short guide to booking in webmail / Lisam

  1. Link to Webmail (Outlook Online)is https://lisam.liu.se/mail
    In Lisam (O365), you can always use the top left menu button and select Outlook (or show all apps and select Calendar)
  2. In the webmail, switch to calendar view in the lower left corner (the icon between mail and contacts)
  3. Select "+ New" in the top menu
  4. Set the date and time before adding room
  5. Fill in the room name starting with "ISY "
  6. Use the "Scheduling Assistant" from the menu ribbon to display available times for one or more rooms and other attendees
  7. Save (send) the meeting in your calendar
  8. Watch your inbox for the confirmation email


How does it work?
Conference rooms are booked in the calendar associated with the e-mail system (O365/Lisam). A room is booked by creating a meeting in your own calendar and inviting the room to the meeting. Any changes to the meeting will be mirrored to the room's calendar.

What software can be used to book rooms?
Any calendar program configured with a LiU account ought to work, as it basically comes down to creating a calendar event and inviting a participant (the room). The webmail (Outlook online) is platform independant, but Outlook for Windows/macOS/iOS/Android are viable native options. The default macOS calendar works as well.

Can anyone book?
The shared rooms are bookable by anyone employed or associated with ISY. Parts of the administrative services (lokalbokning@isy.liu.se) have administrative permissions to book all rooms.

May I book all visible rooms?
No, even if the room is available there may be booking restrictions as listed above. If uncertain, book the room first and wait for the confirmation email. Then edit the meeting and invite the other participants.

How can I see if a room is available?
When creating the meeting, use the Scheduling Assistant (Outlook) or corresponding tool. You can also add the room's shared calendar to your calendar tool to see all bookings. Note that even if the room's calendar is visible, new bookings are added by creating events in your own calendar.

What about Ada Lovelace?
Lovelace is shared with IDA, contact lokalbokning@isy.liu.se to book. The calendar is still in the old MRBS.

How is this system better than the previous?
Keeping calendar events and associated room reservations in the same system is always an advantage, especially if the meeting time or location is updated later on.

Last updated: 2020-09-22