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TSTE87 - Application-Specific Integrated Circuits for Digital Signal Processing


Oscar Gustafsson , room 3B:546 2nd floor B-corridor between entrance 25 and 27,
tel 28 40 59. E-mail: oscar.gustafsson@liu.se


Petter Källström, room 3B:554 2nd floor B-corridor between entrance 25 and 27. E-mail: petter.kallstrom@liu.se
Preliminary lesson plan

Laboratory work

Petter Källström, Narges Mohammadi Sarband


Lars Wanhammar: DSP Integrated Circuits, Academic Press, 1999

More information (Corrections and solutions, etc.) to the book.

The course book is available as an e-book at Science Direct.
Additional material on unfolding.

Laboratory work (20h):

In the course, laborative work is included corresponding to 1.5 HP. In total, 20 hours of laborative work are allocated, but it is clearly feasible to do this work outside the allocated hours.
More information about the laboratory work


Two oral exams is given. Each exam gives at most 5 "free" points on the written examination replacing the complete or parts of the first task on the written exam (70 points maximum).
One written exam of 4 h.
Allowed aids on the written exam: Calculator.
Upcoming exam times.

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