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TSEI12 - Analog konstruktion, fortsättningskurs

(Texten är på engelska för kompatibilitet med TSTE08.)

Reading instructions for the books and compendia

In the course we refer to different reference material , such as text books, compendia and on-line material.

A good tip for course attendees might be to team up and buy one book each and as you study together you can share the reading.

We have one master course book as indicated below, but we suggest any of the below as reference material.

  • Howard Johnsson and Martin Graham, "High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic"
  • Johns and Martin, Analog Integrated Circuit Design (for the first lectures of the course)
  • Bengt Molin, "Analog Elektronik"
  • Eric Bogatin, "Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified" (for some extended parts)
One can also look into more commercial books/manuals like:
  • Kraig Mitzner, "Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture And PCB Editor"

The semiconductor market is expanding rapidly and is very dynamic. This is reflected in our choice to refer to different reference books as a fixed, standard literature is quite soon out-dated.


See http://www.isy.liu.se/edu/kurs/TSEI12/lessons/ to download the latest *exerciseManual* files, questions as well as solutions.


  • In general, see the download area for a large amount of files from 1997 and onwards. The files are organized in topic-related folders and see them as any other "google" resource.

And we have some additional forums on the web:

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