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Study plans/syllabi PhD studies

General study syllabus (study plan)

General syllabus/study plan for research subjects at ISY .

Individual study plan

When admitted to PhD studies you need to create an individual study plan (and keep it updated during the study period). In consultation with your main supervisor - write an individual study plan (ISP) and fill in an annex, forms for ISP and annex (forms at the faculty page).

Content etc. is described in the Study Handbook/Guide for PhD studies (LiTH) and in the Higher Education ordinance in Sweden.

Your individual study plan should be written and handed in at the time of, or close after, admission to PhD studies. In addition to the information requested in the form, the application must contain plans for;

  • your research and writing of the thesis, including background, objectives, methods, sub projects and relevance.
  • the financing of your PhD studies, including maintenance and the sources of the funds (project numbers). It is your supervisor's and head of division's responsibility that your education is funded and that there are plans for financing, but it should be listed in the individual study plan.
  • time, estimated time and dates for
    • other activities which are combined with your PhD studies (departmental duties, teaching, correcting of exams etc., work for a company, leave, parental leave etc)
    • annual follow-up
    • licentiate presentation/defense ("half-time seminar") and licentiate degree
    • dissertation and PhD degree

More info about the individual study plan in section 5.3 of the Study Guide.

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