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New PhD student

If you are not a Swedish resident you need to apply for a residence permit  The Swedish Migration Agency - application for a permit for studying in Sweden (opens in new tab)

General info on studying in Sweden ( - opens in new tab).

Notification of PhD education located at ISY (Department of Electrical Engineering, Institutionen för Systemteknik)

When you have received notice of being granted a chance to do your PhD education in Electrical Engineering (with specialization in..) you will get information on how to apply for being admitted to PhD studies.

Application and admission

You need to send an application and certified copies of your diploma (proof of general and specific requirements) together with you application for admission. This applies if you do not have your degree from Linköping University (then it's already in the systems here).

What happens next depends on which funding your PhD studies in Electrical Engineering has. You will, in any case, belong to one of ISY divisions. Each division has a division administrator who can help you and answer questions about the division, etc.
  • If you are employed at the department will HR consultant and your prospective boss to give you more information about the formalities surrounding the position. General information for new employees; work hours, salary, vacation, insurance, paying taxes, etc. Information on LiU HR pages (opens in new tab)
  • If you are employed at a company, an agreement between the department and the company will be established.
  • When financing is by other means (scholarships, etc.), special rules apply.

After formal admission to PhD studies

Once your admission to PhD studies has been approved, it will be put into Ladok. Ladok is the study documentation system where data is put in during your PhD studies. The PhD administrator (link to contact info at the ISY staff pages) is responsible for the administration of PhD studies at ISY.

You will be assigned a supervisor and at least one co-supervisor. The main supervisor is responsible for reporting all the information about your graduate studies to postgraduate administrator more information on a separate page (Supervision).

You should write an individual study plan together with your supervisor, as soon as possible after admission (Study plans).

When the admission is in Ladok, the PhD administrator at the department will arrange with administration of

  • registering you as a PhD student for the semester
  • putting planned activity for PhD education and which type of financing the PhD studies has
  • adding to emailing list and sending a welcome email with information
You need to
  • Get a LIU-ID (a central user identity consisting of a username and password you use to log in to the University's IT services).
  • Get a LiU-card or update to employee LiU-card (a plastic card with various functions)
    LiU central pages on LiU-ID and LiU-card (opens in new tab)

    The Technical support and service group - TUS will help you getting access to labs etc. as well as arranging with other technical issues.

Every semester

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Last updated: 2021-08-31