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For general information regarding eduroam have a look at: http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/natverk/tradlost-nat/om-eduroam (in Swedish)


You need your liu-id and a eduroam password.
Your eduroam password is available at http://account.liu.se/.


Instructions (in swedish).
Instructions, summery (in swedish).

Instructions iPhone and iPod Touch

1. Get your eduroam password. (se above)
2. Connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to a wireless network (e.g. Netlogon).
3. Open a webbrowser and go to http://eduroam.ifm.liu.se/config.
4. Download "LiU network mobile configuration" by click on the application.
5. Choose "install the configruation".
6. When the installation is almost ready it asks for your login and password.
Add the information. You only have one attempt, if you fail restart from number 4. above.

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