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Graduate (PhD) courses, study plans and graduate schools

PhD courses and study plans

Some courses are mandatory for all PhD students - ethics, scientific methodology. For graduate students who teach in the undergraduate education it is also mandatory to take a course in basic learning and knowledge of Higher Education (or equivalent). The faculty decides which courses, or equivalent competency, that are required to get a licentiate or doctoral degree. On the faculty pages are also links to courses given by other institutions.

Mandatory courses for all PhD students (link to The Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Each research subject may have their own compulsory courses and they are listed in the study plan/general syllabus for each subject.
General syllabi/study plans for the research subjects at ISY 

PhD courses currently given at ISY (listed on the web pages of each division);

Graduate schools in which ISY is involved

WASP (The Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program Graduate School).

ECSEL (Excellence Center in Computer Science and System Engineering in Linköping, an interdisciplinary graduate school).

Courses 2014/2015
Courses 2010/2011
Courses 2009/2010
Courses 2008/2009
Courses 2007/2008

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