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TSTE08 - Analog and discrete-time integrated circuits

Reading instructions for the books and compendia

For this course we rely on several reference text books, some compendia and quite a lot of material found on the Internet and in your local linux areas.

We have a couple of main reference books as indicated below, but we suggest any of the below as reference material.

Additional sources

Switched capacitor

The two compendia wrt. the switched-capacitor part of the course can be downloaded here:


The exercise manual can be downloaded from the webpages (see also LISAM):

  • ANTIK_0014_LN_exerciseManual_*.pdf
with solutions in
  • /site/edu/es/ANTIK/antikLab/doc/ANTIK_0024_LN_exerciseManualSolutions_*.pdf

Solutions to exercises that are found in some of the reference books are found here:


  • In general, see the download area for a large amount of files from 1997 and onwards. Browse with care...

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Last updated: 2020-01-14