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Welcome to the department of Electrical Engineering!

The department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) is central to the engineering education at the Institute of Technology, one of four faculties at Linköping University, and this regards both basic and applied knowledge. The research is based on industrial needs, and ranges from basic research to direct application in collaboration projects.


Undergraduate education

The department offers about 100 different courses in four main areas: Control Systems, Electronics, Image processing, and Telecommunications.

Research and postgraduate education

Research and postgraduate education is pursued in the divisions: Automatic Control, Communication Systems, Computer Engineering, Computer Vision, Electronic Devices, Electronics Systems, Information Coding, and Vehicular System.


Public Defence

Title: Dry Clutch Modeling, Estimation, and Control
Defender: Andreas Myklebust
Division: Vehicular Systems
Supervisor: Lars Eriksson
Opponent: Prof. Juško Deur, University of Zagreb
Date and Time: 2014-09-19, 10:15
Place: Planck, Fysikhuset

Title: Geometric Models for Rolling-shutter and Push-broom Sensors
Defender: Erik Ringaby
Division: Computer Vision Laboratory
Opponent: Professor Tomás Pajdla, Center for Machine Perception, Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Date: abd Time: 2014-09-19, 10.15
Place: Visionen, B-house

Title: Analysis and Design of DLL-Based Frequency Synthesizers for Ultra-Wideband Communication
Defender: Amin Ojani
Division: Electronic Devices
Supervisor: Prof. Atila Alvandpour
Opponent: Prof. Per Larsson-Edefors, Chalmers University of Technology
Date and Time: 2014-09-26, 13:15
Place: Visionen, B-house

Licentiate presentation

Title: Global Pose Estimation from Aerial Images - Registration with Elevation Models
Defender: Bertil Grelsson
Division: Computer Vision
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Felsberg
Opponent: Prof. Kalle Åström, Lunds Universitet
Date and Time: 2014-08-22, 13:15
Place: Visionen, B-house

Title: Building Blocks for Low-voltage Analog-to-Digital Interfaces
Defender: Prakash Harikumar
Division: Electronics Systems
Opponent: Tekn Dr Mikael Gustavsson, Signal Processing Devices AB
Date and Time: 2014-09-05, 10:15
Place: Visionen, B-house

Last updated: 2014-02-10