The final product has been delivered to the customer after a quite windy but nice demonstration. Customer David Törnqvist was satisfied with the results and the project is now coming to an end.

Check out the media section for some pictures of the final product!

First test flights


We have just completed our second test flight with customer David Törnqvist and started the process of tuning the flight control parameters.

Most of the functionality is starting to fall into place and we now have

  • a working video link between the camera and ground station.
  • a wireless connection between the communication unit and ground station.
  • most of the hardware assembly completed.
  • working camera focus on a hard-coded target coordinate.



The group has been assembled and has just finished the first preparation stage of the project. Check out the outline plan and requirement specification at the documents page to see what we have come up with.

We also received most of the hardware this week and are excited to get started doing the final assembly for the first test flight. Still some planning left to do before that, but things are moving fast!

We should be able to get some pictures uploaded soon, stay tuned!