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Area of responsibilities

Public Service: The public service includes such as sign systems, alarm and lock systems, key management, mail and goods receiving, inventory management, maintenance of facilities and much more. The TUS Group assists when problems occur and questions arise. Often with the help of staff from other departments at Linköping University.
Work Environment: Many tasks concerning the institution's work environment lies in TUS Group remit. This applies, for example, to fire safety, where many tasks are required by law. Handling of chemicals and the possible hazardous products handled by the institution has also statutory duties contained within the TUS group.
Systems support: The concept of computer operation is a variety of data including everything from running the servers that handle e-mail, licenses, software, file storage and web to the computer workstation that persons working with ISY uses. TUS Group provides primarily computer workstations with Windows (multiple) and CentOS (5 and 6) for students and staff.
Purchasing and Procurement: Two people in TUS Group are ISYs contacts in sourcing and procurement with the rest of LiU. The contact persons are aware of how different types of purchases and contracts should be done. They have also been educated in how to use the 'Public Procurement Act' (Lou) that handles all public contracts at ISY.
Mission: TUS Group has commissioned from IMT and MAI in terms of computer operations and from TFK on the operation of a license server for Matlab and lending of laptops. In addition to the above mandate, the department has a partnership in the form of exchanges of services with IFM.
Workshop: The Department has a small workshop for simple engineering tasks. The workshop is in the TUS group's remit.
Other: In addition to computer service the TUS Group assists, with expertise and guidance for other technical equipment in computer and research labs. The TUS Group also operates Laboteket.

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Last updated: 2015-05-25