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Computer related information A-Z

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Away message, e-mail

To get help with activation of the Away message in the central Exchange server, see LiU-IT's IT Help and Guides: ComAround



There is a backup taken every second hour, the first day 9-19 and 14 days ahead (can be changed), of the filesystem /home/liuid.
Linux In every library there is a hidden library .ckpt with backup-files.
Windows - right-click on a map or a file
- choose "properties"
- choose "previous version"
- choose file or map.
For data stored anyware else you need to contact support.



Information about personal certificates can be found att IRT webpages about personal certificates.

Computer accounts

Employees at Linköping university have a LiU-id that is used to log in to webportals and computers.
Rules about use of computer resources can be found in LiUs regelsamling (in swedish). There are rules for employees (in swedish) and students use of computer, network and system resources at Linköping University. Any questions about computer accounts can be sent to support@isy.liu.se.

Computer labs

There are five computer labs, which may also be used by students when they are not booked for labs or computer lessons.
Freja has Windows. Asgård, Egypten, Olympen and Southfork has Linux.
When the schedule for each study period is settled, the booking of computer labs can be made through the central scheduling and room booking.
The Linux labs are using the same system as IDA from HT1 2016. More information about the change can find at http://www.isy.liu.se/en/tus/nyttos/.
Computer labs requires a computer account for logon. Students registered on courses at ISY will receive an account automatically. Graduate students at ISY also receive an account automatically (or maintain their account from the undergraduate program) if they "pick up" their LiU-ID in house Zenit.



Alternative to Netlogon at LiU. Eduroam is an international collaboration that enables LiU employees to use the network on other universities / colleges participating in the cooperation and vice versa. For more information visit the website for eduroam. Eduroam is operated entirely by the LiU-IT and is only available as wireless networks ISY.


Instructions on how to configure mail clients for the central e-mail solution are available at http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/epost/guider.
E-mail can be read at http://lisam.liu.se as well.
More information regarding calendar-use and Thunderbird with LiU O365 can be found at http://people.isy.liu.se/jalar/thunderbird-exchange.html

According to the central decision, all LiU employees should use the central e-mail service.
To activate the central e-mail account, contact Kristina via support@isy.liu.se.
In conjunction with the activation the email address will be changed to "firstname.lastname@liu.se" if avalible. This also becomes the "official" email address that is visible through the "Find an employee" at Linköping University.



When purchasing computers and other hardware purchasing procedures at ISY must be followed.



Those who are administrators on their own computer can connected to a particular network at ISY. In order to access the network you need to open a browser and "surf" to any page. Then a login box appears where you specify your username and password, then you can use resources needed.
If you want a fixed ip number you have to e-mail support@isy.liu.se and report computer name and mac address of the computer.



On the page Linux - Questions and Answers are some information of general interest.


LiU-id is created automagically for employees at LiU. For external Phd students and others who need a LiU-ID and are not employees a LiU-id has to be generated by an account manager. Kristina Arcade is the account manager at ISY. All matters related to LiU-id can be sent to support@isy.liu.se.
To use the LiU-ID, the account must be activated. An activation key (one-time password) is generated by Kristina or via LiU-IT's helpdesk. The activation key is used to associate a password to LiU-id.
In order to obtain a swipe card it is necessary to have a LiU id. It does not need to be enabled though.

Login Servers

connect.fo.isy.liu.se for employees
ixtab.edu.isy.liu.se for students
In case of problems contact support@isy.liu.se.

Local webpages, ISY

If you need to access local pages at ISY use https://www.isy.liu.se/local/. Login and password are the same as for subversion.


Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are managed by mailman. You add yourself to a mailing list.
There are also some mailing lists/group addresses that are handled manually by support@isy.liu.se. There are lists for each Division, teachers (teachers@isy), PhD students (doktorander@isy), administrative assistants (sekr@isy) and others. If you feel that you are missing in one of these lists, please contact the support@isy.liu.se.


Users with expiring TAH license on their laptops or home computer may update themselves. Start Matlab and use 'Help > Licensing > Activate Software' to upgrade the license. The rest should be self explaining.

For those who need matlab instructions on which toolboxes are available + instructions on how to install the software look at http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/program/Matlab-Simulink?l=sv (only swedish)


Homedisk cifs:\\filserver.fo.isy.liu.se\home\liuid
Projectdisk cifs:\\filserver.fo.isy.liu.se\groupname
Web-disk cifs:\\www.isy.liu.se\



A solution for connecting private computers to the Internet via wireless or wired networks. No direct access to the internal network at ISY.
The wireless Netlogon today suffer capacity problems and you have the opportunity to use Eduroam so it is recommended.

All employees at LiU with a LiU-ID may create a temporary Netlogon accounts for its guests. For instructions, see: http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/natverk/tradlost-nat/tillfalliga-konton?l=en.

Network Outlets at ISY

There are several Networks including telephone at ISY. Most Network sockets have color markings to indicate which network it is connected to.
The different colors are:
Blue - LiU AD-net
Green - computers administated by support
Red - isylogon, ISY network for self administrated computers
Yellow - education (edu)
Black - printers



Change passwords used by the central-systems, where LiU-IT is responsible, e.g printing, e-mail and non isy-webpages at https://account.liu.se/.

At ISY the same password is used in Windows and Linux.
Linux kpasswd - Change of password in a terminal.
Windows Press ctrl+alt+del

LiU-id-password is used for LiU-mail and on pages that are not maintained by ISY, for example at the Library. The password is changed via the web https://account.liu.se/. Have you forgotten or not "checked out" your LiU-id-password contact Kristina at support@isy.liu.se to get a new activation key.
SVN password is handled entirely separate from other password system. SVN passwords are changed via the website https://svn.isy.liu.se/. Scroll down on that page to see the link for changing svn password.
Eduroam passwords are handled entirely by the LiU-it. For more information visit the website for eduroam. Eduroam passwords are obtained from https://account.liu.se/.

If you need to change password used in our old ISY-domain used for web at ISY and ISY-mail follow the instructions in italic below.
Two different systems for passwords are used at ISY, one for Windows and one for UNIX. These are not linked so you have to change password on both systems, if you want to have one password set.
To make a complete change of password you should change your password in three places in the current situation.
Remember to choose a password that is not so easily guessed. Password Guidelines
Windows Password: log on to a Windows computer is the domain and press ctrl + alt + del to change your password.
Unix Password: run the command passwd on a Solaris computer or a Linux computer, for example keymaster.isy.liu.se.
Kerberos password: run the command kpasswd on a Solaris computer or a Linux computer, for example keymaster.isy.liu.se to change your password.
When should I use UNIX, respectively. Windows password? Windows Password is used when logging in on a Windows computer, and when you connect to a Windows Share with the help of \\discworld\share. Otherwise, use the UNIX password.

Please contact support@isy.liu.se if you have problems or questions regarding your password.

Poster Printing

To get prints in large format such as posters contact LiU Tryck.


Today there are two printing systems at ISY, the central and a local. Any printer that has the name of the type XXX-LiU [1-5] (eg Victoria-LiU3) are connected to the central printing system. More information about the central printing system is under http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/utskrifter?l=en.
Information about where you can find printers at ISY.


Remote login

Linux connect.fo.isy.liu.se
Windows ts0.fo.isy.liu.se
(To use this server you need to be registered as a user to the server and have a new version of remote desktop.
For Apple computers Microsoft Remote Desktop, version 8.0 , available through App Store for free, For CentOS use xfreerdp )


ISY have a lot of softwares, but if you are missing one please email us at support@isy.liu.se. In addition, LiU and LiTH have signed an agreement for a number of softwares such as for math and business applications.

As an LiU employee you may buy a licensed copy of Office package to install and use on a home computer. The fee is around 270 SEK and will cover costs for packaging, shipping and handling. Information on how to do this is here: http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/program/officepaket?l=en.

For those who need matlab instructions on which toolboxes are available + instructions on how to install the software look at http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/program/matlab-for-anstallda..


All e-mail to ISY is spam filtered. If an e-mail is classified as spam it is sorted into your mailbox called "spam" .
Forward any problem mails to one of the following adresses:
spam@liu.se (report spam)
nonspam@liu.se (report non-spam caught by the filter)


Send an email to support@isy.liu.se if you have a problem. Please write an informative subject line of your e-mail. For example enter, user name, name of computer and operating system for computer issues. The TUS Group aims to answer support questions within two business days.



ISY has Subversion at the server https://svn.isy.liu.se/. Catalog and Accounts Creation are managed by support@isy.liu.se. Subversion is set up so it can handle any user, which is needed for worldwide cooperation. At ISY we use svn for linux and TortoiseSVN for windows to access the server.

Virus protection

All computers at LiU shall be equipped with updated anti-virus protection (fully in accordance with the decision LiU-2010-01689). In other words, if you do not have antivirus protection on your computer, contact support@isy.liu.se. We will help you to obtain current software.


VPN, Virtual Private Network, is used to connect to the LAN from a remote location in a safe manner. All employees can take advantage of LiU's central VPN service. Instructions on how to install and use, see LiU-IT's IT Help and Guides: ComAround.


Web Calendar

If you need a Web-based calendar is recommended to move to the central e-mail service. There you have a calendar function that can be used by LiU employees.

Windows - Information

Some information of general interest can be found the faq page Windows - Questions and Answers.

Last updated: 2016-11-17