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TSTE08 - Analog and discrete-time integrated circuits

Examination elements

The ourses have two main examination elements each:

  • a 4h written exam (TENA)
  • a project part (PRA1)

When both the written examination and the project/lab work are passed a final grade will be reported to LADOK.

Written exam

  • The written examination has four tasks where each task gives maximum five points, thus a total of 20 points. The grades (TENA/TEN1 in LADOK) are given according to :
    • Grade 3: At least 8 points from any of the four tasks.
    • Grade 4: At least 12 points from any of the four tasks.
    • Grade 5: At least 16 points from any of the four tasks.


In addition to solving exercises on the exam, the students can also solve quizzes during the course. There will be five quizzes handed out during the course. The course attendees can answer these questions and hand in the answers through the LISAM system. See submissions in LISAM for more information. The course pages are at

If correctly answered, each quiz will give one point on the exam, however only a maximum of 3 points will be given.


  • The project report must be submitted to examiner (see project page) to be graded Pass (G) or Fail (UK). (PRA1 in LADOK).

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