Project Presentation

The goal of the project was to produce an application for development of OSS systems in Matlab. An OSS system is a system used to determine which position the front seat passenger has and whether or not to deploy the airbag in case of an accident. In some cases deploying the airbag might cause more damage to the passenger then not deploying it, for example when the passenger is leaning forward towards the dashbord the airbag should not be deployed.

Since the OSS system is based on an ANN (artificial neural network) a large part of the project has been to evaluate and test Matlabs neural networks toolbox.


For a short presentation of the project result, the FVPJ Matlab Application for OSS systems, see the following poster. [FVPJ poster]
If you want to know more about the product please visit our display case outside Café Java (Linköping university) between 09-10 am on the 18 of may.


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