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Autonomous Diagnostics & System Monitoring

Autonomous Diagnostics & System Monitoring

Project Course

Ten students from Linköping University was given the task to build an autonomous diagnostics system for an internal combustion engine. This is a part of the TSRT10 course, and information about the course can be found here. All team members are currently pursuing master’s in the field’s mechatronics and automatic control.

Aim and Purpose

The project aimed to build an autonomous diagnostics system based on machine learning and simulation models. The goal was to ensure that the system could operate without interference of engineers, learn about new faults and present this information to a service mechanic to increase the precision, and reduce the long-term cost of service. The purpose of the system was to create a solution that will be beneficial to the car producer, the car owner, and minimize the environmental impact.

Project Video

The need for autonomus diagnostics is real, and this is why