Project Description

The increase in automation in load handling places greater demands on the forklift's ability to perform precise and efficient maneuvers, without any help from an operator. The lifting maneuver is one of the critical parts of an autonomous forklift, since it has to be precise and fast without introducing oscillations. Therefore the aim of this project was to develop and evaluate an autonomous lift in simulations and on a real forklift.


Project Members


From left to right:

  • Linus Roos
    -Responisble for the public relations
  • Sebastian Haglund
    -Responsible for the testing
  • Henrik Johansson
    -Responsible for the quality
  • Carl Hynén Ulfsjöö
    -Responsible for the software
  • Jennie Bäcklin
    -Responsible for the design
  • Jonathan Carlin
    -Responsible for the documentation
  • Jonatan Gustafsson
    -Project leader