Autonomous Reversing Truck-Trailer System

A complete system for planning and control of an autonomous truck. Specifically tailored for reverse parking at a loading bay.

Core Features

Trailer tracking system

A sensor system mounted on the loading bay enables reversing in environments where no positioning system is available. The system fuses measurements from a LIDAR and depth camera to estimate position and orientation of the trailer.

Motion planner

The motion planner efficiently calculates a feasible path from the starting position to the loading bay using a pre-computed set of motion primitives and a heuristic look-up table. The planned path is further improved online using a receding horizon optimization step.

State observer

An extended kalman filter is used to deliver a robust position and orientation estimate. The observer handles measurements from the external positioning system, internal angle sensors and the trailer tracking system, possibly arriving out of sequence.

ROS architecture

The system is fully integrated with the open source Robot Operating System, a modular framework for robotic systems. A GUI based on integrated visualization tools has also been developed.

Watch the video

A video showcasing all the different features of the system.

The team

Tobias Nyberg
Responsible for Testing
Oskar Lind Jonsson
Information Manager
Tobias Fridén
Software Architect
Theodor Westny
Project Manager
Ludvig Junler
Responsible for Visionen
Alexander Källström
Document Manager


A poster giving an overview of the different subsystems and their implementation. Click to enlarge!