Rescue Rangers

Autonomous Rescue System with UAV and Tracked Vehicle

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This is a project that has been ongoing since 2009 and is a collaboration between Linköping University and Saab Dynamics. The main goal with this project is to create an autonomous rescue system with an UAV and a tracked vehicle. The autonomous rescue system's main goal is to find people in distress, represented by AprilTags, in an assigned test area and provide assistance. Read more about the project structure on the course page.

The Project


The project is a major part of the course TSRT10 at Linköping University at the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY). All members in the group study engineering physics.


This is a project that has been ongoing since 2009. The long term objective is to develop an autonomous rescue system. Since the project has been going on for several years it means that the main focus has been to development and continue the work from previous years. This years project aimed to implement an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and a tracked vehicle to search amd rescue people in distress. The purpose was that the communication between the two vehicles was meant to be autonomously so that the operation could be coordinated between them without interference.


The project is made in collaboration with Saab Dynamics.


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Watch a video of a test run

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Sauron in Simulation

The UAV named Sauron is simulated and the main function of Sauron is to map an area and find people in distress, which is shown as AprilTags.

Balrog's GUI

By receiving data from Sauron, Balrog can navigate to a position within the test area where a people in distress is located and aid it.

Group Members