Project details

This is a CDIO project which is a part of the course TSRT10 - Reglerteknisk projektkurs, CDIO.

The primary purpose of the project is to develop a comprehensive ROS based infrastructure that allows for easy use of the already existing position tracking and projector systems in Arena Visionen, the infrastructure aims to simplify the use of the existing systems for future R&D projects.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the infrastructure the project group will produce two demonstration platforms consisting of a medium-sized drone which will demonstrate smooth trajectory following while performing target tracking as well as a small drone which will perform fast-paced trajectory following together with various aerobatics displays.

The project will be completed during fall, 2018.

Project group

The project consists of 3 sub-projects; Infrastructure, Hollywood and Stunt.

Name Role
Otto Bergdahl Project manager
Christian Jonsson Design manager: Infrastructure
Morten Eriksson Hardware manager: Infrastructure
Thomas Liersch Test manager: Infrastructure
Roushan Rezvani Software manager: Infrastructure
Jakob Palm Sub project manager: Hollywood
Albin Vestin Software manager: Hollywood
Irman Svraka Test manager: Hollywood
Jonas Vedin Hardware manager: Hollywood
Markus Åstrand Design manager: Hollywood
Ali Murtatha Shuman Sub project manager: Stunt
Emil Gustafsson Document manager
Robert Widén Test manager: Stunt
Erik Östberg Design manager: Stunt, Git-master
Toivo Rodriguez Information manager