LiU Racetrack 2017
A CDIO project by Truckers Paradise

Project LiU Racetrack 2017

The LiU Racetrack consists of an RC car and an RC truck with dolly-steered trailer autonomously driving around a racetrack, positioned with IR-cameras in the ceiling. The project is a part of the course Automatic Control - Project Course, which is given by the department of Electrical Engineering, ISY, at Linköping University. The project has been running since 2011 with new project groups every year.

This year's project had three main tasks:

  • Further develop the cars Werling-based motion planner to plan complete collision free overtaking trajectories around moving obstacles.
  • Develop a lattice-based motion planner for the truck with semi-trailer that plans a complete trajectory around the racetrack.
  • Implement a hybrid-controller for the truck with semi-trailer and a controller for the truck with dolly-steered trailer suitable for both forward and reverse driving.

To develop the motion planners a simulation environment was also built based on the framework from Niclas Evestedt's rapidly-exploring random tree (RRT) simulator and the framework from Oskar Ljungqvist's further development of Niclas Evestedt's RRT simulator made at Linköping University.

University: Linköping University

Scope: 12 hp

Course code: TSRT10

Customer: Daniel Axehill

Orderer: Oskar Ljungqvist

Supervisor: Olov Holmer