Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle


In both civilian and military applications there is an increasing interest and need for autonomous vehicles that can carry out missions at sea, in the air and on land without contact with an operator. Examples of tasks are surveillance, rescue operations, surveying, mapping, repairs or tactical missions.

This site will present the outcome of the project of developing a control system and introducing a positioning system for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The result will be used for further development where the ultimate goal is to achieve a fully autonomous system . This project was done at the Linköping University in collaboration with Combine Control Systems AB and Saab Dynamics AB, and performed by seven students studying a master of science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Project goals

The main goals for this project was to provide estimates of the ROVs position and velocity and to expand the controller to control these newly estimated states. These estimation enables better models of the ROV to be constructed and therefore a Matlab/Simulink based simulator and a framework for model estimation has been developed.