Project description

This was a project course (CDIO) in automatic control at the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) at Linköping University. The project group consisted of four master students from the Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering program and three master students from the Mechanical Engineering program.

The system hardware consists of a racetrack, two infrared cameras, two radio controlled cars and a radio controlled truck and trailer system, which can be controlled both manually and autonomously.

Expansion 2016

  • Autonomous reversing truck: An LQ controller is implemented on the truck and trailer system
  • Separation of the longitudinal and lateral control of the car
  • The transformation between global coordinates and the Frenet frame is now done correctly
  • The motion planner computes trajectories more efficiently and is generally more reliable


University: Linköping University

Scope: 12 hp

Course code: TSRT10

Customer: Daniel Axehill

Orderer: Oskar Ljungqvist

Supervisor: Olov Holmer

Expert: Niclas Evestedt