Welcome to the Triforce project website!

This project is part of the course Control Project Laboratory course (TSRT10) given at Linköping university 2011 and is carried out according to the CDIO framework.

During the project, a group of 8 students from the Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering program, will construct a surveillance system made up of a Tricopter with a mounted camera that can be rotated with two degrees of freedom. The user will be able to specify a flying route along with one target of interest for surveillance and the Tricopter will then perform the surveillance mission. A video stream from the camera will be broadcasted to a ground station during the flight where the user will be able to record it for later and/or watch it live using video glasses.

Additionally to this autonomous flying mode the Tricopter will have a manual mode. The manual mode is for manual control of the tricopter with two optional safety features to prevent accidents. This will allow for unexperienced pilots to try out the equipment without risking damage to it. These features are:

  1. A virtual box with pre-specified boundaries. If this feature is enabled and the user breaches the boundaries, an auto-pilot will take control of the tricopter and fly it back to the center of the virtual box.
  2. Easy-control, which when enabled translates the user control signals to direction commands in a fixed coordinate system instead of directly forwarding the signals to the rotors.

There are a few documents describing the project in more detail. Also make sure to check out the media section for some pictures and videos.